Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It's been one heck of a year.

Happy 2013 everyone!

I know I am only 17, but a lot of things can happen in 17 years. Looking back, it's been great. Overall 2013 has been a year where I lost and found many things. In a way, I felt that in 2013 I found pieces of myself and managed to piece them all back together.

17. I admit it's an age where everything is raw and brash but I know one thing for sure, time is only going to move faster and it's not slowing down for anyone. So many things to say about 2013 but I will try and keep this short and sweet. In 2013, I officially graduated from high school, advancing into the real world.

There's been lots of ups and downs. Before I knew it, it's time to leave this year behind. It's funny how time moved so quickly. I am only 17 once and I will only graduate high school once. It's a once in a life time experience I guess.

And speaking of being lucky, I was lucky enough to experience many 'once-in-a-lifetime' experiences throughout my life. Once, I was lucky enough to release baby turtles and lucky enough to witness the cosmos above us, all the stars. It was amazing.

Sand (Baby sea turtle for scale)

I noticed that I am slightly off topic but anyways, in any year there will be ups and downs. It truly has been one heck of a year. So many things have happened. In a blink of an eye, I am no longer that little girl who twirls her hair when she feels shy. I am now, 17 going on 18 (cue in the Sound Of Music song)

I sound like an old lady rambling about 'the old days'. I am so sorry, but I just feel that way. BUT NOW, on to 2014. Just a shout out but I won't be here for a few months so, this blog will be dead till March. You guys won't be seeing any updates till after March.

Anyways, I hope 2014 will be a great year. There's so much to learn and discover in this vast universe that holds so many intriguing secrets.

More reverse fireworks!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Going Great

Narrowed things down.

I finally narrowed things down from that long list you saw in the last post. Basically I have about three months to decide. Just so you know, I will be away for a few months and there won't be internet there. So yeah, will be one with nature. I think you can sort of guess that it's some sort of camp. Anyways, here is the list, thank goodness I narrowed it down to only two options. I really need some time to decide cause for now I really don't know what to choose. 

paint brushes photo: Art; Paint Brushes paint-brushes.jpg
Graphic arts


syringe photo: The Golden Syringe Picture3-1.png
Biomedical science 

That's the list for now. The hard part is picking between these two options, like I said in the last post, I love art but I love Science as well, especially Biology. It's crazy how I have to pick. It seems like I am letting one of my passions go only to chase after another passion. I feel slightly frustrated that I have to pick one between these two. Anyways, God bless every single soul on Earth. 

Friday, December 13, 2013


When shit gets real. 

If you are thinking, 'huh?' Let me explain. Well, see, as you all know or not, I am now a high school graduate or a secondary school graduate. This also means that I have to start making decisions about my future. The good news is that I am not completely clueless about what I want to be or what I want to do in the future. The bad news is that I have too many things that I would like to explore and sadly the world will force me to make a choice. I am finding it a little difficult to make this decision. I literally have a list of possible options for the future. 

Here's the first problem, I am interested in the 'sciences' as in bio, chem and physics. However I am also interested in the 'arts' as in design or illustrations BUT, here's where it sucks, the world currently doesn't seem to allow me to pick both. It's a 'pick one and sacrifice the other' kind of situation which ultimately sucks, big time. Why can't I pick both? And yes, here I am sitting on the couch wondering why humanity ever created language or schools in the first place.

So yes, while I still have time, I will think about what to choose. Problem is I don't want to sacrifice my curiosity for science but I also don't want to give up my passion for art. Oh well, for curious peeps, here is my list of careers I am interested in. 

Plant in hands

Molecule model
Molecular biologist(maybe)

Colored Pencils
Illustrator or a craft artist

Pen tablet

Special Education Consultant

Dead butterfly



That's it, I think. Point is, I love Biology, the way the universe works and art. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

High School or Secondary School

Summary of my school life.

Well, let's start from the very beginning. When I was 13, advancing to secondary school(that's what we call it over here) was a very exciting experience. This marks the beginning of my teenage hood. I felt as if I was 'all grown up'. However, I had a problem, I was a shy person and making friends is not at all easy. Luckily I managed to make a few friends and I became a prefect. Life was good, I was young but not reckless. My grades were good and all was at peace.

When I was 14, shit happened. I was venturing into my second year of secondary school. Life was still awesome but I had a falling out with a close friend and after that I created a whole new argument with another friend. I was young and brash. I didn't value friendship as much as I do now. I now understand that being brash is not exactly a good thing. I always had a sensible head on my shoulders but I am only human. My grades were still good despite all the fights.

When I was 15. Oh wow, this was my year. I must admit this was my year. Yes, yes, this was by far the best year in secondary school honestly. First of all, my grades were good and I aced a major exam. Yes, things were great. As usual, good times pass quickly.

UGH. I hated this year. My grades started slipping. And everything I applied for failed. The pressure of the future was weighing down on me. Boy, did I hate this year. Everything was not exactly awesome but last year was awesome so it made it worse. I just really wanted this year to end then at the end, I had a falling out with a friend. I finally apologized during Christmas.

This year hasn't even ended yet but school already ended. Faced a major exam and I felt I did okay. My grades throughout this year wasn't awesome but it was okay. I was slacking(UGH). And now I am figuring out what I want to do in life. What is my purpose. The world is like a machine, and it comes with exact amount of parts it needs to keep it running like clock work. So, I know, I serve a purpose in this world but I just need to find it.

hyouka photo: hyouka 2530_hyouka.jpg

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

High School Comes to an End

A Summary 

Well, yes, this blog has been dead for a year or so but I have good reason. Exams, what else? But now that the exams are over, I have a lot of free tie, and trust me, when I say a lot, I mean it. Well, I have a lot of things to say right now but I will try and keep things organized. First of all, here's the summary of my year. (excluding December obviously)

This month was a very ordinary month. Seriously, nothing much happened here but I have to say that this month passed with record speed. Some classes were boring and some were fun. I already made peace with a friend that I was fighting with and things were going good.

I am not sure what happened during February. Maybe because this entire year zipped by way too fast. I heard that as we get older life will seem to pass by faster and faster. This seems true for now but I can't really say cause I am hardly two decades old.

I think this month was a little exciting plus there's a week of holidays during this fabulous month. As you all know, my birthday does not fall in the month of March. So far, I think I have still been slacking. Grades aren't the best but I deserve the grades I got. I never put much effort into my studies and yes, been slacking for..basically my entire school life. Thankfully, I have fantastic genes and manage to scrape through. (sorry if that sounds arrogant)

It's my birthday month. Not a particularly great month even though it was my birthday month. I think, that is something my friends didn't know. I wasn't exactly content with myself and I was just beating myself up for feeling like that. There was also one thing that I remember that made me feel pissed but I think I can't say what it was. It is really stupid when I think about it. I mean, like, come on, we are just humans and we will die anyways and that thing was so petty. Okay let's move on.

The month of holidays and exams. I did okay but I knew I was slacking. Again, like an utter idiot, I beat myself up again for being lazy(something I do often) I remember being really angry for always failing to listen to that tiny voice in my head. Anyways,

Month of holidays and also classes. Here's a statement that will sound really stupid. Okay, look, I love maths. I mean I love the concept of maths. I love that maths is so logical and can be used to calculate everything in this freaking world. I love that maths can count 2 + 2 and the possibility of an asteroid killing us all BUT I sort of hate doing math. This is the month where events just slipped by and my maths got worse.

I think I forgot to mention that I have to face a major exam at the end of this year in November. As usual, I was still slacking and classes were getting more hardcore(if you know what I mean). Oh, I think Sports Day happened during this month. I was the flag bearer which ultimately means that I am House Captain. Just for the record I always wanted to be the flag bearer.

Ah, August. Well, I don't quite remember when the trials examinations were but I think it was around this month or the next. So, yeah.

Nothing much happened during this month. Made a bookmark for a friend and started worrying about my career in the future. I have always gave some time thinking about the future throughout my high school life but it never felt as urgent as it did during this year. I have a list of what I wanted to be and I couldn't bring myself to choose one. I didn't want to lose anything. I didn't want to make a choice and regret it later. I also didn't want to choose and ignore all my other choices. It was a very confusing month.

The exams are around the corner and I think I finally started studying. Stress and anxiety settled in and that pretty much sums up October. My cortisol levels must have been through the roof(trust me).

SHOW TIME. What can I say, I did the best I could and whatever the results, I knew I did the best I could with the time I have left. So, basically, I am in the post examinations zone moving into real life after school life.